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How foldable bikes are Saving Environment

With rising temperatures, more people are becoming aware of the consequences of our care-free lives are having on the environment. Our choice in vehicles for daily commute is only having negative effects on nature. Iceberg melting down, the ozone layer depletion, rising sea levels, etc. are a few of the factors that are making headlines.

As awareness rises, more people have turned towards environmentally-friendly options such as foldable bikes. Their features will not only protect the environment but will also let you enjoy it. Let us have a look:

No Carbon Emission

Environment Protection Agency has stated that a car produces about 11000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually if it is driven for 12500 miles. Only one pound of carbon dioxide increases global warming by 20 percent.
As foldable bikes do not work on fossil fuels, they produce zero percent of carbon emission. Resultantly, you can breathe in cleaner air. Moreover, they also tackle the issue of reducing natural resources. To sum it up, foldable bikes will not only reduce the ratio of rising temperatures but will also keep the air clean.

Decrease the Need for Infrastructure

As the number of vehicles increases, there is an increase in demand for new roads and parking spots. Furthermore, the need to widen the existing roads also increases. Consequently, trees are cut down and the animal’s natural habitat is destroyed. As foldable bikes don’t take much space while traveling, there is no need to improve infrastructure. Besides, no need to build parking lots as foldable bikes can easily be taken inside the office, mall, restaurant, etc. Building a bike path costs less than building highways. It cost 2500 times more to build carpeted roads than to construct bicycle areas.

Reduces Landfill Waste

Even though 75 percent of car components are recyclable but Argonne National Labs reports that 3 million tons of non-reusable car parts are dumped in landfills. Rarely, foldable bikes develop any faults as they don’t utilize petroleum products. Even if they develop any flaw, they will be as good as new after a few adjustments.

Protects Wildlife

Deers and small animals getting struck by a car are becoming common accidents. According to an estimate by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 60 million birds crash into cars every year. By choosing foldable bikes at this site as your vehicle for traveling to grocery shop or office, you reduce the chance of killing innocent animals. Most species of animals are becoming and they won’t be alive for the next generation to enjoy their beauty.


There has been an increase in smog in winter in Northern China and India. Polluted air increases the rate of heart diseases and breathing problems. By the year 2100, the sea level will rise between 10 to 100 cm which threatens the existence of island nations such as the Maldives. If we don’t adopt alternative steps such as relying on foldable bikes may put human existence at risk. They are perfect for tackling issues related to fossil-fuel vehicles.