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How foldable bikes are Saving Environment

With rising temperatures, more people are becoming aware of the consequences of our care-free lives are having on the environment. Our choice in vehicles for daily commute is only having negative effects on nature. Iceberg melting down, the ozone layer depletion, rising sea levels, etc. are a few of the factors that are making headlines.

As awareness rises, more people have turned towards environmentally-friendly options such as foldable bikes. Their features will not only protect the environment but will also let you enjoy it. Let us have a look:

No Carbon Emission

Environment Protection Agency has stated that a car produces about 11000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually if it is driven for 12500 miles. Only one pound of carbon dioxide increases global warming by 20 percent.
As foldable bikes do not work on fossil fuels, they produce zero percent of carbon emission. Resultantly, you can breathe in cleaner air. Moreover, they also tackle the issue of reducing natural resources. To sum it up, foldable bikes will not only reduce the ratio of rising temperatures but will also keep the air clean.

Decrease the Need for Infrastructure

As the number of vehicles increases, there is an increase in demand for new roads and parking spots. Furthermore, the need to widen the existing roads also increases. Consequently, trees are cut down and the animal’s natural habitat is destroyed. As foldable bikes don’t take much space while traveling, there is no need to improve infrastructure. Besides, no need to build parking lots as foldable bikes can easily be taken inside the office, mall, restaurant, etc. Building a bike path costs less than building highways. It cost 2500 times more to build carpeted roads than to construct bicycle areas.

Reduces Landfill Waste

Even though 75 percent of car components are recyclable but Argonne National Labs reports that 3 million tons of non-reusable car parts are dumped in landfills. Rarely, foldable bikes develop any faults as they don’t utilize petroleum products. Even if they develop any flaw, they will be as good as new after a few adjustments.

Protects Wildlife

Deers and small animals getting struck by a car are becoming common accidents. According to an estimate by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 60 million birds crash into cars every year. By choosing foldable bikes at this site as your vehicle for traveling to grocery shop or office, you reduce the chance of killing innocent animals. Most species of animals are becoming and they won’t be alive for the next generation to enjoy their beauty.


There has been an increase in smog in winter in Northern China and India. Polluted air increases the rate of heart diseases and breathing problems. By the year 2100, the sea level will rise between 10 to 100 cm which threatens the existence of island nations such as the Maldives. If we don’t adopt alternative steps such as relying on foldable bikes may put human existence at risk. They are perfect for tackling issues related to fossil-fuel vehicles.

How Often Should You Get A Massage?

Do you love getting regular massages from a spa? If you do, it would be much more convenient for you to get your own massage chair and enjoy your massages right at home whenever you want to. A massage chair is a great alternative to a massage therapist since it uses the same massage techniques and will provide you with the same therapeutic benefits as a massage therapist with much more convenience. When you do finally get a massage chair for your home, a question which might come to the minds of most users is how often you can get a massage? Since with a massage chair at your disposable, you can get as many massages and anytime you want to, it seems like a valid question. Is it healthy to get massaged that often? Or are there any health risks involved? Keep reading this article and you find everything you want to know.

To get maximum benefits out of your massage chair, use it for short intervals at a time. A typical massage session usually does not last more than 20 minutes which is sufficient to relieve the pain you are experiencing in your body or the stress or tension that you are feeling. A short massage is enough to relax your muscles and recharge you for your daily activities. Although massage is highly beneficial for you for many reasons, too much at a time can be dangerous. The people who use their massage chairs for hours in one go should be warned of the potential dangers which include aggravation of your pain and injuries and may even be stressful for your nervous system. However, this information should not scare you off from getting any massage at all. A lit bit at a time with breaks in between where you involve yourself in other activities is completely healthy and highly beneficial for your muscles, bones, heart, lungs and nervous system.

Similar to any healthy activity such as exercise, reading and cycling, massage should also be practiced in moderation. Under normal circumstances, which is to say that you are completely healthy, a 15 minute session of a good massage every 3 to 4 times a week is sufficient for you. You can simply purchase a best massage chair online from

It is completely sufficient to relax your body, relieve you of stress and get you charged for the rest of the days. While getting your massage, it is important to concentrate only on enjoying your massage and not make yourself involved in other activities like reading a book or watching tv. If you want a comfortable seat while you watch your favorite show or read a good book, you may sit on your massage chair but make sure that it is turned off and you are not getting massaged at this time.

In short you should keep your massage sessions short and save them for the end of a tiring day when you really need some relaxation. A good massage after a tiring day can feel like the best thing you need.

Countertop Vs Immersion Blenders Compared

When buying a blender, an important question that arises is which blender would be perfect for you. There are two fundamental sorts of blenders: countertop blenders and immersion blenders. The two are very extraordinary with respect to appearance and usefulness.

Countertop Blenders

The countertop blender is useful for those who often make sauces, mashed potatoes, and mixed drinks. This gadget works autonomously however; it is very extensive as compared to an immersion blender. The countertop blenders come with a container, ordinarily plastic or glass, and a base on which the container is attached. The blades are fixed in the base of the container; some are separable and could be detached while others have the blades appended to the container. To use the countertop blender, one basically puts all the things into the container, chooses the coveted speed and blends until the desired consistency is reached.

A stationary or countertop blender will give you an assortment of soups, sauces, purees, batters, and even prepare some baby food or crush ice for blended beverages. A vital feature of these blenders is their automatic cleaning function. After they have been used, you will just pour some warm water and pulse or run at whatever speed you want. Rinse thoroughly and the container is cleaned!

Immersion Blender

Immersion or hand blender is helpful for mixing and grinding vegetables. It is smaller, consumes up little room in the kitchen, yet it ought to be kept in the hands while working. While the best Immersion blender is distinctive in terms of the design, it serves some functions of the countertop blender. The immersion blender has an elongated shape and is equipped with two blades at the end of the rod.  This is an appliance which is drenched in a container or pot of food you need to mix or puree. Immersion blenders are exceptionally valuable for chopping little amounts of items such as onions, herbs, garlic, and nuts. It can also mash potatoes or make sauces or blend soups.

The cleaning and care of an immersion blender won’t take you long time – every one of the parts can be taken off, the vast majority of them are significantly dishwasher safe. The hand blender is for the most part utilized for littler maybe a few individual servings whereas the countertop blender is for harder to do tasks, for example, making healthy smoothies and super cold blended beverages!

Exactly What Is A Two Wheel Hoverboard?

The individual transportation world is witnessing change plus recent months the increase in usage and visibility of Hoverboard is sufficient to tell the story. While they’re called by different names by differing people, the specific term for this revolutionary mode of transportation is Self-Balancing Electric Scooter. Being known as “Hoverboards”, “Monorovers”, “Segway without handles” and in some cases “2 wheel Hoverboards”, the self-balancing electronic scooter is really a preferred way of personal transportation.

If you’re participating in social networking and Internet then surely you will have discovered many of these balancing boards in advertisements, celebrity pages or on Instagram. The reason behind calling a hoverboard as “Hoverboard” is the fact that while riding, it appears as though you’re hovering several inches over the ground.

These scooters are now being embedded with clever sensors which are smart enough to identify direction in line with the body-weight within the rider i.e., whenever the rider leans in almost any specific direction, the motor within the hoverboards spins the wheels within the same direction changing the direction. What you’re designed to do is you have to shift weight within the required direction and you’ll start moving towards it. It appears as though the scooter is reading your thoughts. The board is simple to balance and it’ll easily know in which you wish to go according to your body-weight.

The only real difference that might be between Segway and a few self-balancing board will be the lack of handlebars. This adds benefit to the self-balancing board because it is compact, portable and very easy to be carried wherever you need to go. Another advantages that you could keep electric Hoverboards just anywhere conveniently!

Approximate price of the Hoverboard:

Because the self-balancing boards fall into the group of new technology, they’re pretty expensive according to their sizes well as your imagination. With the rise of recent manufacturers and increasing competition, the scooters are becoming affordable and on offer at prices that won’t dent the pocket of the common man. Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide can guide with all factors to purchase the best hoverboard.

If you’re wondering “How much will it cost to obtain a hoverboard?” well, the costs vary greatly as reported by the brand name and functionality. Which range from $250 up to $1200, you’ll find lots of them. However, not all of them made same and also to you should not be shocked and surprised, research your options before choosing one.